TeX Equation Typesetting

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MathBot is a TeX equation typesetting app specially designed for the iPad / iPhone. It is optimized for fast and easy equation creation.


Easy to Use

Use the special math keyboard to typeset your TeX equations in no time.

Export Equations

Export your TeX equations via mail, shared folder or copy them to the pasteboard.

On your Device

Render your TeX equations on your device. No internet connection required.

1 The rendered images will contain a watermark. You will have to remove it via in-App purchase.

What Users Say:

Useful Maths typesetter - ...allow[s] you to put nice-looking equations into your documents, in a similar way to "LaTeXiT" on desktop computers.

Echte Alternative - ...äußerst intuitiv gestaltet, ..., wichtige Mathematische Tasten sind schnell und umkompliziert zu erreichen und das Eingeben geht gut von der Hand...

The LaTeX for the Masses - MathBot is the application which turns iPad version of Keynote into a powerful presentation tool for physicists, mathematician, chemist...